Then That Soon I See

by Brian Church

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This album which is my Second was actually supposed to be the First. My band Tristan Da Cunha played its final show in May 2011. 5 days later my second son was born and I found myself back in the crazy late night hours of baby caring with a bunch of song fragments and bits of musical ideas floating around my foggy head. I finished and demoed all of these songs while working on a second set of material with Matt Parish. I had no band anymore though and all of these songs sat in demo limbo. I got frustrated and wrote another set of basic, easy-to-play-and-arrange songs in the summer of 2013. A couple of generous souls helped me record and release those songs and they became The Third Came First (literally the third album of material I had at that point but the first to see the light of day).
Many more songs have followed since that time but I always knew I wanted to come back to this original batch and finish them up the way they were intended: with a "Band" sound. I just had to force myself to "BE" the band as best as I could.
So here they are, sounding better than I ever imagined (Thank You Nick Burgess). The Third Came First, The Old First has now become the New Second... and the other Second? Another album for another time...


released July 31, 2017

BC- vocals,guitars,electric&upright bass, drums, percussion
Nicholas Burgess- recording, editing, production, mixing
Scott Craggs- mastering

Basic Tracking at Champs III in Studio 52, Allston, MA Spring 2016
Vocals and Percussion at Strathmore Sound, Natick, MA Summer 2016
Post Production/Editing Winter 2016/17

All songs by BC except:

Working Hard Up Here- based on an unfinished jam by Ernie Kim, Baxter Holland and John McGreevey; Steve Budney also contributed arrangement suggestions. New Arrangement and lyrics by BC

Pulse Pounding- lyrics by BC and Nicholas Burgess

Dead Band Demos contains fragments and samples from a variety of Boston and NJ groups [See if you can spot them]

Cover art/photo- Ernie Kim

Site layout- Nicholas Burgess

BC thanks: Nicholas Burgess, Ernie Kim, Scott Craggs, Scott Visco, Subramayan, Tristan Da Cunha, Mike Gintz, Matt Parish, Deborah Nicholson, Andy Wagner, Trever Smith, Jeff Breeze, Amelia Hollander Ames, Paul Litch, Aliana de la Guardia, Mike Williams, Eric Perry, Will Prapestis, Peter Schilling, Guerilla Opera, Callithumpian Consort, Cantata Singers organization, Roomful of Teeth, Choir at King's Chapel, Renaissance Men, Music 101, Petroski-Llull family, Bonners, Thornes, DasGuptas, Family and Friends far and wide.

As usual this is dedicated to JRC, EWC and QJC



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Brian Church

Brian Church was born in Somerville, NJ. He lives outside of Boston, MA. He played bass and sang in Tristan Da Cunha. He sings classical music around Boston also. He is married and has two sons.

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